Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn
Sunday, March 04, 2018


Gerald Jackson


  1. Kestrel Hawk leaving
    11 Mar, 2018
    Kestrel Hawk leaving
    Got a picture of this Kestrel Hawk leaving after finishing his dinner. He caught a Mourning Dove near the bird feeder and pretty much ate what he wanted in about five minutes. The Dove he caught looked about the same size as the Hawk. No doubt in my mind that he is very strong for his size. The other birds cleared out fast as he came in and kept their distance during the visit. Have seen him around the bird feeder every once in a while and he can really maneuver during flight. He was nesting
  2. New Accomplice
    02 Mar, 2018
    New Accomplice
    I have good and bad news today. The good news is that we have learned the identity of the perpetrator for yesterdays heist. It was Vinny the Red, who stole the profits before disappearing into the woods. Now the bad news. Vinny the Red is only one of the members squirrelly gang. Today his younger brother, Vitto the Gray, showed up and was photographed casing the local pool area. It is believed these two might be planning to break into the area. For what reason, we have yet to determine. More
  3. Marauding thief stealing this years profits
    01 Mar, 2018
    Marauding thief stealing this years profits
    I tried to talk him out of doing this horrible crime but he just flipped me the tail and ran away. I shouted at him that I was going to talk to the local Hawks and post a reward for his capture. Think there will be more to come about this.
  4. Bald Eagle now a local resident
    28 Feb, 2018
    Bald Eagle now a local resident
    Got this picture of this fella visiting in my back yard in January 2015. Since then he has been around off and on. Late last spring there was a juvenile Bald Eagle sitting in field while I was planting soybeans and he was trying to grab a very young fawn. He did not succeed and it wasn't from lack of trying. The mother of the fawn came to the rescue and chased the eagle for over a half mile jumping into the air as if she could fly.  I have heard that there is a pair of adults nesting on the
  5. This image was captured by my gamecam
    26 Feb, 2018
    Twin Fawns
    These two fawns stayed all year in the back fifty acres of the farm. They played around in field and the backyard all summer. It was a joy to watch them play and chase each other around. Our conservation is paying off.